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Briefly said, we make sense of information. For the past 20 years, we have built a team of 500+ wonderful people who speak over 50 languages and have expertise in all major industries across more than 80 jurisdictions.
A Data Pro is a trusted partner to data and content aggregators, financial and risk & compliance consultants, and PR agencies internationally.
We specialise in content, data and business intelligence services, offering comprehensive, tailor-made risk and compliance, media monitoring and analysis, and automation solutions.

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We provide content, data and business intelligence services. Use them to power your editorial, marketing, PR, risk & compliance efforts or products.


With a unique approach to leadership development, we guide leaders to inspire and empower their people. Our teams have the power to make decisions and work in an environment of knowledge-sharing, respect and trust.


Our company believes that flexibility is the key to success. We respond quickly to changes in the marketplace without losing sight of our goals and compromising our values.


Trust is one of the most important pillars of our business. We are ethical and honest with customers and employees, provide timely and accurate information, and demonstrate our integrity on every project we undertake.


As a strategic partner, we actively listen to our customers' needs and work with them to find the best solutions. Our job is not only to offer the best possible results but also to provide you with a forward-thinking plan to execute your strategy.

Our team

Ilia Krustev
Chief Executive Officer
Slavyana Krushovenska
Chief Commercial Officer
Vlado Petkov
Chief Data Officer
Milena Ilieva
HR Director
Radostina Jilevska
Chief Financial Officer
Philip Manev
Account Manager - Media Intelligence
Siyana Vacheva
Head of R&C Business Services
Tsveta Asenova
Account Manager - Data Management
Yavor Arabadzhiev
Account Manager - Data Automation

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A Data Pro is internationally recognised and award-winning company.