The recent two awards from BOA, “Outsourcing employer of the year 2016” and “Outsourcing service provider of the year 2016”, filled every employee of A Data Pro with joy and gratitude. We’re proud to be recognized as an important driver of the KPO industry and community growth and future development.

But what exactly these trophies stand for? Let us quote BOA itself:

The outsourcing service provider of the year award is for supplier’s ability to deliver business value to clients, implementing industry best practices and contributing to the sustainable growth of the sector in the country.
Judges will compare how well each submission has performed in the areas INNOVATION, HUMAN CAPITAL, TALENT MANAGEMENT, GEOGRAPHICAL MARKETS & CUSTOMERS and CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, consistent with the organization’s long-term objectives.

Sharing the passion for high-quality services, that bring efficiency and added value to new and already existing business processes, is at the core of our continual efforts here at A Data Pro.

A Data Pro‘s HR and knowledge management policies ensure the long-term engagement and continuous development of our experts, guaranteeing that our clients receive the best-proven working solutions for their business. We apply the most innovative and efficient methodologies for project management and quality assurance, whilst remaining continuously compliant with ethical and professional rules and standards of major global organizations.

Our key asset as well as major competitive strength is the expertise of our team of specialists, who provide coverage from 40+ languages and process content and datasets from 75+ countries. We have 350+ bi-lingual and multilingual information analysts, linguists and data experts, who are based in 5 locations, assuring business continuity and sustainable language coverage. We are an outsourcing hub with a unique set of capabilities to implement knowledge-intensive projects – from building a specific dataset, through indexing of content, search- string building, or financial information gathering, to abstracting of articles, writing of reports, business intelligence analytics, due diligence report writing etc. These are all individual services, projects or parts of custom solutions that help us deliver our mission: “We make sense of information”.

In 2015 we were named “Innovative Company of the Year” in the “Innovation Management” category in the most influential competition in Bulgaria, thanks in part to our IMP3rove evaluation score, based on the A.T. Kearny “House of Innovation” methodology, which covers all dimensions of innovation management – Innovation Strategy, Innovation Organization and Culture, Innovation Life Cycle Processes, Enabling Factors and Innovation Results.

Last, but not least, A Data Pro is a socially responsible company, focused on two major CSR activities – education and children-related charity causes. We provide various support and actively work with universities in Bulgaria – equipping computer labs and rooms for interactive learning, organizing educational courses, which include our experts as lecturers, offering internship and employment opportunities for students and graduates. On the other hand, children-related charity causes foster the spirit of volunteering and self-initiative in our people.

All that we mentioned above is just a small part of the various ways we make sense of information while making a positive change. Stay tuned for more news and initiatives from A Data Pro…