A Data Pro is looking forward to attending the biggest PR measurement conference – AMEC Global Summit, held this year in Asia. Our CEO Iliya Krustev and media monitoring and analytics manager, Slavyana Krushovenska, are enthusiastic to meet industry experts and soak up the newest of communications evaluation. It goes without saying that Bangkok as an event venue can offer the most memorable experience.

Barry Leggetter, CEO of AMEC, said it best: “The Summit is all about learning from some of the best speakers in the world and being able to return to your own company or organisation and implement what you have learned.”

As a global company, catering to various information needs in 40+ languages across multiple markets, we are keen to exchange know-how and expertise with our peers worldwide. Moreover, A Data Pro has been the Global Education Partner of AMEC since 2016, co-developing an online course for PR & communication professionals.

The summit theme this year “Disruptive Communication – Measurement, evaluation and insights in the age of change” will address the need to understand the disruption in the media, communications and PR market and the measurement industry’s ability to navigate through the changing times and take advantage of the disruption.

“Of particular interest to us will be the role of data, technology and innovation in communications measurement, evaluation and insights,” Slavyana said. “That’s why we’re not going to miss the keynote address of Kevin Akeroyd, Global CEO of Cision on the future of data-driven communications and Mazen Nahawi’s panel discussion, CEO of CARMA. Actually, we’ll try to attend as many sessions as possible.”

A Data Pro has been investing in semantic technologies and machine learning for a while now. This kind of automation, combined with our people’s knowledge of country, region and industry’ specifics will enable us to provide more efficient data processing and analytics. “Our in-house technology and expert developers are a guarantee that our media analysts or soon to be named – data scientists, are prepared to face the challenges of the rapidly changing business environment” Iliya said.

For the first time the event will be held in Asia, which is an additional attraction for our company. We are curious to dig deeper into the demands of the Asian market, which we are monitoring for clients interested in media coverage in Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, Filipino, Thai, etc. “It will be a good opportunity for networking with like-minded professionals from this fast growing region, open to new communication channels,” Slavyana added.

We will share our key takeaways from AMEC Global Summit 2017 in our next blog post.