A Data Pro at ICT 2018

What’s new in Europe’s digital transformation?


The ICT 2018: Imagine Digital conference, which took place on 4-6 December in the Austria Center Vienna, focused on the European Union’s priorities in the digital transformation of society and industry, presenting everyone involved the opportunity to share their vision of Europe in the Digital Age.

With its focus on artificial intelligence, next generation Internet, digital skills and high-performance computing, the ICT conference was something that A Data Pro couldn’t miss.

The COO of A Data Pro’s research and development hub Identrics, Vasil Shivachev, and our CCO Slavyana Krushovenska attended the forum for three days of knowledge-sharing and networking, with the ultimate goal of future-proofing our in-house processes by drawing best practice straight from the source. After the event, Slavyana shared her thoughts on the conference:

“The forum was very relevant to A Data Pro as a company providing AI-based solutions. All of our business lines are bolstered by algorithms and automated solutions developed in-house, so seeing what other companies are working on in this field was incredibly useful. We’re in a good place, and that’s good to know.”

More than 6000 scientists, IT professionals, experts and managers, as well as many healthcare sector representatives attended the event. The forum panels showcased prototypes and state-of-the-art tech products, while parallel sessions and discussions gave attendees the chance to get to know the legislative changes and connect to business executives from around the world. The event was also very valuable to experts, as noted by Identrics’ Vasil Shivachev:

“With our work centering on the development of AI-powered solutions, it was a perfect event for us, and would be for company that aims stay on top of innovations in the ICT sector. Our entire line-up — from our automated text generation capabilities to named entity recognition – will, I think, benefit from what we heard and saw in Vienna.”

Stay tuned for more from A Data Pro.