One of the largest Bulgarian educational institutions Telerik Academy School opened applications for their free annual courses in Computer Science. The year-long programs provide training in digital science and are suitable for all students in grades 1-12, regardless of their background knowledge. As we at A Data Pro believe children and young professionals should have the opportunity to learn and unleash their full potential, we are joining the initiatives in Burgas. Our CEO Ilia Krustev personally supports the program in Sliven. 

We hope to assist students in improving their IT skills and encourage their professional development in the field of technology. We are happy to announce that Telerik Academy School is currently accepting applications specifically for the Grades 8-12 program of their computer science education.

The application deadline is October 10.

For more information and to apply, please visit the program’s website and register here. Links for the applications can be found on the pages of the specific programs. All applicants, regardless of grade level and course type, will undergo a 45-minute test consisting of 30 logical questions. No background knowledge or experience is required.

More about the program

The academic year will commence at the end of October within 130 schools across the country. This program provides about 2600 students with the opportunity to engage with the IT sector and learn more about the digital world for free. The course will be held either in person or online in accordance with the official policies issued by the government. It consists of 100 academic hours and is expected to end in July 2022. Upon successful completion of the course, students will receive a certificate and the opportunity to move on to the next course level or join another program. 

In Sliven students from grades 8-12 are welcome to apply for the Web programming course, where they would master popular modern technologies and languages, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 

In Burgas students from grades 8-12 are welcome to apply for the Web programming, the  Digital sciences or the Game development courses, where the latter two focus on basic concepts in the digital world and 2D browser games’ development.

More about Telerik Academy School

Telerik Academy School is a Bulgarian national educational program of the Telerik Academy Foundation, which provides free education in digital sciences from 1st to 12th grade. Since its launch in 2010, it has trained over 14 500 students in the field, and the numbers keep growing. As of 2021, the program provides training in 130 schools in 41 populated areas across Bulgaria. Nearly 100 well-trained specialists take care of about 2400 students annually with the expectations of these numbers to grow up to 2600 for the 2021-2022 academic year. 

As well as education for children, Telerik Academy Foundation provides learning opportunities for young and older job seekers and professionals ages 6-66. Everyone is welcome to apply for programs or to seek consultation, regardless of age, knowledge background or experience. 

A Data Pro and A Data Pro’s CEO Ilia Krastev decided to provide their support for Telerik Academy. If you would like to support young professionals across the country as well, you can do so here.