We are proud to announce that A Data Pro has been shortlisted in the Tech Champion of the Year category at the ICA Compliance Awards.

The ICA Compliance Awards is an award ceremony that recognizes accomplishments in innovation, technology, and teamwork in the financial crime and regulatory compliance sectors. There are several categories such as Best Compliance Team, Best Innovator, and Tech Champion of the year, among many others. All nominations have been reviewed based on the benefits and adaptation of technology innovations, alongside other criteria.

A Data Pro’s innovations in adverse media automation are behind our nomination in the Tech Champion category.

Our compliance solution implements a set of semantic technologies to identify people or organizations mentioned in connection to legal violations. Such technology solves a big problem in the industry – large numbers of false-positive articles. These results are an issue because analysts need to spend a lot of time reading irrelevant content and manually sifting through each article. 

That’s why A Data Pro started investing in developing technologies that decrease spam and false positives by creating specialized pipelines. Our solution uses technology such as Named Entity Recognition, Document Similarity, and Content Classification. 

The end product is fully automated. With a search query, the user requests a set of articles from the internal database and receives an export of the results. This technology is more effective than manually going through hundreds of articles because it saves time and allows for personalized research based on specific keywords, language, or date range. 

Competing solutions are based on a signal as they separate the articles into sentences, and classify each sentence as an independent case. However, this approach may bring a lot of spam. A Data Pro’s method is based on a classification of the whole article and generates one signal for the entire article.

This year the list of nominees includes many big names in the industry, such as PWC and SBI. The ceremony will be held on 19 May 2022 in London

A Data Pro is honoured to receive such recognition. It’s an opportunity for our company to highlight our services and efforts to improve and solve issues in the compliance sector. 

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