A Data Pro made it to the 2024 Finalists list for the prestigious SABRE Awards EMEA, which recognizes superior achievement in branding, reputation and engagement. This year, PRovoke Media received over 2,000 entries and we are proud that our entry made it into the final 400 which are to be evaluated by a jury of industry leaders.

These prestigious awards celebrate excellence in public relations, engagement, credibility, and relationship building. They provide a peer-reviewed endorsement of communication professionals’ abilities and achievements.

IN2 SABRE Awards | Data and Analytics: Social Listening

We are nominated under the Social Listening category for our comprehensive weekly and monthly multi-market reports that helped our client position themselves and build their online presence in their target region as well as navigate crises.

A Data Pro’s Case Study

A Data Pro has been delivering a wide range of monitoring and analysis services to our client covering the entire MENA region. Our team devised a methodology and created effective multi-market reports with actionable recommendations that helped our client develop their presence in their target markets as well and improve their reputation.

In the challenging landscape of reputation management, our project stands out for its comprehensive approach to tracking client-related mentions across the MENA region. We combined meticulously acquired data with in-depth analysis, providing our client with a holistic view of their reputation. The utilization of both automated tools and manual checks ensured the accuracy of our findings, demonstrating our commitment to delivering reliable insights.

Our consistent communication with client representatives, coupled with the timely delivery of straightforward weekly, monthly, and yearly reports, further underscores our dedication to assisting in reputation management. This project showcases a strategic blend of data-driven insights and proactive measures that have proven instrumental in enhancing and safeguarding our client’s reputation across diverse markets.

UPDATE: We Made It!

We won! Another trophy for our awards shelf! 🏆 A Data Pro has been honoured as one of the recipients at PRovoke Media’s 2024 Innovation SABRE Awards EMEA.

About A Data Pro

With over 25 years on the market, a team of 500+ employees with 50+ languages, and expertise spanning all major industries across more than 80 jurisdictions, the company is a trusted partner to data and content aggregators, financial and risk & compliance сonsultants, and PR agencies internationally.

A Data Pro is a media intelligence provider that offers comprehensive media intelligence services. We ensure that our clients receive tailored briefs and reports based on their specific requirements. By leveraging our knowledge of local markets and proficiency in different languages, A Data Pro can capture and analyze relevant conversations across various mediums, including traditional and social media.

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