A Data Pro supports ABLE Activator Program for young entrepreneurs

A Data Pro supports young and ambitious talents who want to develop their leadership skills, and gain practical experience in entrepreneurship. That is why A Data Pro is proud to be one of the sponsors and organizers of the ABLE Activator. The ABLE Activator is an event centered around intensive experiential training in entrepreneurship for students and young professionals. The main goal of the event is to bring entrepreneurship as close to real life as possible under the guidance of our trusty speakers and mentors. Ilia Krastev – CEO of A Data Pro and Chairman of AIBEST was part of the jury as well. 

About ABLE Activator

ABLE Activator is a 6-weekend entrepreneurship program for young entrepreneurs and self-starters, who want to foster their leadership skills and learn how to make actionable business plans. During those six weekends, participants learn how to come up with profitable business ideas and how to develop those into a business plan. Participants also learn how to pitch their ideas to investors and build their future networks. Along the way, our mentors and key speakers are there to teach and guide them into reaching their full entrepreneurial potential. 

Here’s what happens during these six exciting weekends:

Weekend 1: 

Participants learn about the different leadership styles and how to know which suits them best. The team uses real-life examples and guides on thinking more openly about business ideas. Also, during the first weekend, some common misconceptions about entrepreneurship are addressed. Participants also meet some of the most successful entrepreneurs in Bulgaria, who share their secrets and principles for building a solid business. 

Weekend 2:

During Weekend 2, the participants form teams. The teams of 4-6 people quickly present their business ideas. The milestone of this weekend is for participants to learn how to connect their business ideas to the needs of potential customers. 

Weekend 3:

During the third weekend, participants learn all about Value prepositions and Design thinking. Here the focus is on the topic of product and service positioning around the customers’ values. To illustrate that, the team uses prototypes and tests them to refine all concepts. 

Weekend 4:

During weekend 4, participants learn how to create a sustainable plan when developing a business idea. Price setting is also discussed, as well as ways  to get the most value from the product or service they are offering. 

Weekend 5:

The fifth weekend focuses more on the plans to reach customers. That plan usually revolves around Marketing strategies and effective Storytelling, so that potential customers are drawn to the value of the products or services. 

Weekend 6:

The whole program ends on Demo Day when all teams gather to present their business ideas in front of a jury of industry leaders with successful businesses. 

Highlights of the ABLE Activator 2022 

The ABLE Activator was a great way for the participating teams to build their entrepreneurial skills, and ultimately present their ideas in front of a jury. The teams were able to work on their business plans alongside experienced leaders in all kinds of industries. The invaluable experience and advice they received from our mentors and speakers will certainly help them achieve their future business goals. 

The jury had five members, including Ilia Krastev – CEO of A Data Pro and Chairman of AIBEST. 

All teams put in great effort to deliver sustainable business ideas in just 6 weeks. That was the ultimate way to experience the startup life, and learn valuable business practices from the most successful entrepreneurs in Bulgaria. During those 6 weeks, participants were able to meet like-minded, ambitious individuals and create a solid network for future projects. 

Thanks to our mentors and speakers, the participants were able to learn from people with experience and successful track records. 

A Data Pro was more than proud of this year’s event, and we hope we get to meet more talented young people in the future!

A Data Pro has been supporting ABLE Activator for a few months, and we would like to continue our partnership. Read more about our past collaborations.