A Data Pro won the Best Strategy for Business Sustainability in Crises prize at the AIBEST Annual Awards ceremony, which took place on October 2, 2020 in Burgas, Bulgaria.

Association for innovation, business excellence, services and technology (AIBEST) is an independent industry organisation whose objective is developing Bulgaria as a leader for knowledge-intensive products, services, solutions, and globally recognised (world-attractive) destination for educated talent.

The AIBEST Annual Awards reward the best performing companies in Bulgaria, good practices in the sector, the proactivity of local authorities, and the relationships between participants in the entire business ecosystem that contribute to its development.

A Data Pro was awarded in the Best Strategy for Business Sustainability in Crises category, which is designed to assess the achievements of companies in a crisis situation and their strategy for sustainable business development.

Our purpose as a company is to make sense of information on a global level. To do so we have to boast a lot of different qualities as an organisation in order to remain agile, ultimate team players, change-makers, and above all to truly trust each other.

We know how important information is and therefore did everything we could to not interrupt the working process and provide our customers with anything but the best quality of services. We had advised our colleagues to start working from home days before the emergency situation was announced and we managed to deal with all the technical challenges that appeared so that we did not have to disturb the delivery of our services. And that was one of A Data Pro’s main goals: in times when everything is uncertain, remain a secure and stable partner for one’s information needs.

For that purpose, we surely needed our technologies to work properly. But more than ever before, it was crucial to keep our team spirit high and to bring our togetherness to the next level. This was our second goal – to create a stronger team in uncertain times. We have organised various activities in order to help our employees feel safe, valuable and help them go through the whole situation more smoothly.

And if anybody deserves an award, it is our colleagues – because of the energy they put in their work, because of the way they served our customers, because of the way we stayed together, and because we are all a great team!

“This award is so valuable to us because the efforts of the whole team of the company have brought us to successfully deal with the COVID-19 business impacts”, A Data Pro HR Director Milena Ilieva said at the AIBEST Gala Dinner.

This crisis served us as a test. And we have passed it with a straight A. As a result of everything that happened, we have a stronger and cohesive team, trust-based connections with our customers, and a clear vision of where we are, who we are and where we want to go next.


It seems we really did a great job during this unusual year and the AIBEST Business Sustainability award is the second recognition of that. Wondering which is the first one? A Data Pro was honoured with a Stevie Award in the Most Exemplary Employer category just a few weeks ago. You can read more about it here.