A Data Pro is proud to announce that the company has won two Stevie awards in the 19th Annual International Business Awards® (IBAs)- a silver in the Most Innovative Company Of The Year category, and a bronze for Achievements in Human Resources. Winning two Stevie awards was a great honour for the company, as it demonstrates that our efforts in developing innovative solutions and creating a rewarding work environment were fruitful.

The Stevie Awards are the business awards, created in 2002 to honour the achievement and contributions of organizations and professionals worldwide. The Stevie Awards are given to businesses and professionals that demonstrate outstanding achievements in categories such as innovation, Human Resources, Information Technology, Management or Marketing.

Our accomplishments in Adverse media entities (AME) Automation and Summary writing optimisation stood out and received a silver award in Innovative Company of the Year.

The efforts in providing employees with a safe and productive work environment helped us receive bronze in Achievements in Human Resources.


Most Innovative Company of the year (up to 2500 employees)

We developed a compliance solution that helps our analysts save time and effort from sifting through hundreds of false positive articles. Our solution is based on a set of semantic technologies that identify people or organizations mentioned in connection to legal violations. This innovation was also a finalist in the Tech Champion of the Year category at the ICA Compliance Awards.



Achievements in Human Resources

The success of A Data Pro largely lies in our innovative ecosystem, combining AI with human efforts. 78% of our employees strongly agree the organization supports the development of new and innovative ideas. Our firm’s innovation management performance and capability based on the IMP3rove Assessment report from 2021 are evaluated with 71%, whereas the average from other respondents is 59%.


We also implemented a summary writing optimization that helps eliminate retelling errors. Automated abstractive summaries are a revolution in present-day data analysis. The technology is using a combination of machine learning models that ‘understand’ the text and summarize it using original words while deleting any retelling errors. The implemented innovation works with multiple languages, allowing us to transform multilingual content and summarise it in English. The automated summaries work in real-time, which further helps our employees deliver up-to-date monitoring.

Last year A Data Pro won the Innovative management award in the Innovative Enterprise of the Year 2021 national forum.

What the jury said about our innovations


“Interesting innovative product portfolio. Keep it up”


“I especially like how the company is focused on tackling copyright issues in the results generated by their AI models.”


“Great improvement, very good teamwork”



“A Data Pro has demonstrated strong business competency and adaptability in providing innovative solutions to businesses. The AME automation solution is quite commendable. I am also impressed with the automated abstractive summaries, which help tackle copyright issues.”


“A Data Pro trusted provider of data processing and business intelligence services globally, focus on integrating the latest technologies internally and across our services has brought us multiple innovation awards and commendations. Twenty years of experience with the development process and Great effort & strategic planning. it seems clear the effects of proper planning and organizing. The clarity of the vision and goals led to the achievement of more successes”


Thank you!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our amazing employees that worked hard to create the award-winning technology we use in our everyday work. Even though we live in challenging times, there are opportunities for innovation and creating an even better work environment for our employees.