ACAMS’ annual conferences are of particular interest to A Data Pro as part of the organisation, dedicated to enhancing the knowledge, skills and expertise of AML/CTF and financial crime detection and prevention professionals. This year the forum on Anti-Money Laundering & Financial Crime will be attended by our manager for Risk and Compliance, Siyana Vacheva, together with the CEO of the group, Ilia Krastev. They are looking forward to meeting financial crime experts and professionals from both the public and private sectors.

This two-day conference with a focus on “Transformation and Transition in a Rapidly Changing Anti-Financial Crime Regulatory Landscape” will provide valuable up-to-date briefing on emerging trends, in-depth analysis of the latest prevention techniques, and most notably valuable practical understanding of new regulatory requirements, ACAMS said in its programme. As the vice-president of ACAMS, John Byrne, notes on the objective of the conference:

“The days of simply sitting in a room and listening to lectures is long gone, and that is a good thing. What we have done over time is to add polling questions and ask panelists for “takeaways”.”

A Data Pro’s substantial experience in Risk & Compliance and Due Diligence to some extent was gained through working with one of the global providers of risk management and regulatory compliance solutions back in 2010 when we delivered our first Due Diligence reports the way the market demanded. This is why A Data Pro’s presence at the 13th annual conference in London is important, as it will provide practical insights into the changing global regulatory landscape for anti-financial crime.

“Our particular interest will be in newly adopted regulations for financial institutions as well as the most recent guidelines for AML practices,” Siyana said.

As for the regulations one of the key considerations is that there are particular differences between regions as well as individual countries, in addition to concerns when it comes to newly enforced sanctions. Those are always touched upon in conferences like this one and our team is intrigued by the opportunity to participate in such discussions in a multi-national setting, she explained.

Finally, looking forward to the conference, Siyana noted:

“We will continue investing in the Due Diligence team and in 2017 some of the managers, researchers and trainers in Due Diligence will be certified by ACAMS. This will not only acknowledge A Data Pro’s expertise in the field, but will also give us a competitive advantage. With the goal of being one step ahead, we are already working with professionals who are experts on a particular geographic region.“

Stay tuned for our post-event blog post with key takeaways from ACAMS 13th Annual Conference Europe in London.