Since last week, TensorFlow, Google’s latest machine learning system is open sourced for everyone.

“Machine learning is still in its infancy – computers today still can’t do what a 4-year-old can do effortlessly, like knowing the name of a dinosaur after seeing only a couple examples, or understanding that ‘I saw the Grand Canyon flying to Chicago’ doesn’t mean the canyon is hurtling over the city,” Google’s new CEO Sundar Pichai says.

“We have a lot of work ahead of us. But with TensorFlow we’ve got a good start, and we can all be in it together”, Pichai adds.

Cade Metz, a WIRED senior staff writer, focuses on these events in a well-writen article titled: “Google Open-Sourcing TensorFlow Shows AI’s Future Is Data“:

Google showed that, when it comes to AI, the real value lies not so much in the software or the algorithms as in the data needed to make it all smarter. Google is giving away the other stuff, but keeping the data.


The future of AI can’t happen without the data.

We’re eager believers in the “data revolution” and tirelessly invest in our data analysts and technology. In our next posts we’ll share impressions after testing TensorFlow.