We’ll show you bespoke, intelligent & multilingual at AMEC

With the ascendancy of technology, PR and communications are undergoing unprecedented change. Their effect on businesses is growing just as dynamically, dictating the need for new, smarter ways to assess their impact.

As media intelligence professionals, we believe that harnessing the power of communications in the Digital Age is about distilling the billions of bytes of information out there into actionable insights that have a measurable impact on your bottom line. We share this belief with the International Association of Communications Evaluation and Measurement (AMEC), of which we are a proud member.

We’re prouder still to be sponsoring the 10th edition of the AMEC Global Summit, which will run under the theme of “insights, innovation and integration.” As such, we’ll be showcasing our take on these coveted “three I’s” – A Data Pro’s three core media intelligence capabilities:

Bespoke data collection: Whether you want to monitor thousands of websites or a million items from one site, our powerful harvesting technologies will fetch and systematise the data you need. We optimise existing or create new crawling solutions to match the specifics of your projects, guaranteeing more efficient data processing, formatting and conversion.

Human-in-the-loop approach: We integrate the expertise of our analysts into the machine learning (ML) process to offer text mining solutions with unrivalled accuracy rates in extracting knowledge from data. What’s more, we train ML models with your own datasets, thus fully tailoring our services to your needs – from named entity recognition, to context extraction, down to sentiment analysis.

Multilingual text mining: Thanks to our multilingual capabilities and extensive country and regional knowledge, we can customise each of our text mining solutions to the languages of your choice, including local variations and industry-specific terminology. So, no matter your language requirements, we’ve got you covered.

These capabilities are technologically powered by A Data Pro’s dedicated artificial intelligence and automation hub Identrics, and perfectly synthesised in our text mining demo, to be unveiled on 12th June at the Business Networking Fair of the AMEC Global Summit in Barcelona.