Interview with Miliena Ilieva A Data Pro Burgas is getting up-to-date

Burgas is getting up-to-date

A Data Pro’s ‘Burgas is getting up-to-date’ campaign is taking over the coastal city’s attention! Aimed to offer new career opportunities in the fast-growing data-based business intelligence company, the campaign also gives a dream-come-true opportunity for the current A Data Pro employees to work from Burgas. Milena Ilieva, one of Career Show’s Top 100 HR professionals in Bulgaria and A Data Pro’s HR Director, sheds some light on the way Burgas is getting up-to-date and what A Data Pro’s mission-related to the campaign is. 

Burgas is the home of the fifth A Data Pro office in Bulgaria. Tell us more about why Burgas is so important for the company and why A Data Pro is joining to support the Burgas Municipality’s Work from Burgas initiative​?

We have partnered with local institutions and participated in various initiatives focused on young people long before opening our office here. In this way, we gained impressions and Burgas really won us over with its young talents. Burgas is looking for opportunities to develop, has a drive for creativity and innovation, and these are values that are part of A Data Pro’s DNA. I should also acknowledge the Burgas Municipality’s openness and willingness to welcome new businesses, so I think it was a logical choice and somehow a good click. 

“Burgas is getting up-to-date” is an amazing campaign that starts at the beginning of August and aims to make one of the fastest-developing cities in Bulgaria even more appealing to young people. Tell us more about the inspiration and the goals of the campaign. 

I love August! And аlthough many people associate August and summer with time for rest, I think it is also time for meetings, new ideas, and endeavors. And what could be better than to – as we like to say in Bulgarian – “combine the useful with the pleasant “, еspecially near the sea. I sincerely hope that more young people will rediscover Burgas and find their place and professional realisation here and of course at A Data Pro. 

Bus stations Burgas is getting up-to-dateThe campaign is visualised on several bus stops in Burgas. Is there any additional message in that choice?

Located in the International Congress Center Burgas, the new office space has a magnificent view of the coast, and you’re encouraging employees to work there during the summer. As one of Career Show’s Top 100 HR professionals in Bulgaria and A Data Pro’s HR Director, do you think that location and similar benefits contribute to the productivity and the spirit of employees innovation? 

Тo be among the Top 100 HRs in Bulgaria is really a great recognition for which I am grateful for to my colleagues and partners that voted for me. But back to Burgas – the location and similar benefits definitely contribute to our employees’ team spirit. A positive and comfortable working environment means more happy and productive employees and a better environment for innovation. A Data Pro is a company that believes that investing in people is the way to be successful.  

You’re currently working from Burgas instead of your usual office in Sofia. What made you move to the seaside city and what difference do you see in your work? 

Well, Burgas is a very special place for me, it’s my home by the sea. So to have the opportunity to work from Burgas is to be able to combine working with my colleagues, with the marvelous sea view and meeting my old friends. The atmosphere of Burgas is different, and as Bulgarian poet Hristo Fotev said – the sea is not fiction, and happiness exists – I think that changing the working environment is always refreshing, giving you a new perspective and new ideas. After this time of fear and lockdowns, people need to feel and experience that they are together more than ever – part of one community.

Have you already received some feedback from people in the company who have grasped the opportunity to move to Burgas for some time during the summer? What are the most interesting comments you’ve got so far?

Тhey really liked it. The seaview from the office is definitely a subject of many positive comments, but also the city itself, to meet with colleagues from different parts of Bulgaria. 

What is A Data Pro for you? 

A Data Pro is above all a community. It is also a set of opportunities, challenges and endeavours. Like the sea – а constant movement. 🙂

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