How can Media Intelligence help you identify and assess risks ahead and/or during a crisis?

This March, A Data Pro’s Communication Expert Dilek Asanoska, Training Specialist Todor Kiriakov, and Account Manager Philip Manev, delivered an interactive training session to communication teams of EU delegations in the MENA region, in Amman, Jordan, on the topic: “Crisis Communication: Harnessing the Power of Media Intelligence”, where they focused on ways you can use data to inform your strategic decisions during turbulent times.

The training focused on different types of strategies for proactive risk assessment, and how data can be used at every stage of the crisis management process. We presented two types of crisis communication timelines – one navigated without data and one with data – and demonstrated how having a comprehensive media intelligence strategy in place can help you:

Crisis Communication training in Amman, Jordan by A Data Pro

🔍 Analyse content in various languages and understand cultural nuances

📰 Follow political events and economic developments

🌐 Understand the cross-border nature of crisis communication

👥 Identify stakeholders, trends, and patterns in audience behaviour

📋 Conduct pre-crisis preparations 

🚨 Inform your response once a crisis emerges

📊 Provide insights into the effectiveness of your communication efforts, etc.

The presentation also covered the role of Media Listening Tools (MLTs) in crisis situations and how, with consistent monitoring, A Data Pro helps clients develop a sense of what “normal” means for their organisation by comparing calm periods with turbulent ones. We also touched upon the different types of KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) offered by MLTs that help communicators assess the progress of a crisis situation as well as query creation. Queries are like living organisms – with time they change, develop, and grow to include or exclude new happenings which is why it is important to maintain them.

A Data Pro’s experts also shared tips on how to draft a crisis communication plan and define roles and responsibilities ahead of time to ensure readiness for any potential challenges.

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