Identric’s CTO presenting “Advanced NLP meets old-fashioned math – Creating Automated & Objective Share of Voice”

No, it’s not the Annual FIBEP Congress, but we are just as excited for the Tech Day, organized by the world’s media intelligence association on May 24 in Prague just a day after Amec’s Global Summit on Measurement.

The 2019 FIBEP Tech Day will bring together CTOs and tech company leaders to discuss new tech developments and the way forward for the industry. Among the speakers at the one-day event is Deyan Peychev – CTO of A Data Pro’s AI and automation R&D hub Identrics, who’ll be presenting our semantic technologies-based automated Share of Voice tool.

Deyan’s presentation will include a case study for a global alcoholic beverages company, where the task was to assign share of voice within articles about its products and seven of its brands, and ways to build on it with tonality analysis. The presentation will demonstrate Identrics’ methodology in approaching the case, including the before stage, the algorithms used and how the model was built, statistics, results and the outcome.

Join Deyan for his presentation and find out why this is one of the most effective methods, what makes it superior to others and how it can easily be integrated in your business model.

If you want to know more, you can also find Deyan at the Tech Day grounds, and talk to him in person. His presentation starts at 14:00 CET.

Stay tuned for more events and company news very soon!