EESC BuildingWhen an EU institution, known as the voice of the people, meets a skilled database manager to help it hear that voice, the two are bound to strike a long-lasting partnership. The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has found in A Data Pro a reliable co-worker in its task to maximize database management.

The fruitful collaboration traces its roots back to 2012, when A Data Pro successfully sealed and executed its first 4-year contract with the EU consultative body. Now, the dynamic duo is in for yet another round, following A Data Pro‘s successful re-election as the EESC‘s database management partner during the public tender bid earlier this year.

A Data Pro is proud to once again join forces with the EESC Communication department, which oversees the management of several databases of contacts and organizations, ranging anywhere from NGOs and civil associations to the press and media. The renewed contract will now see A Data Pro not only managing these databases, but also advising the committee on how best to approach cases of insufficient information or missing EU contacts, in order to obtain suitable and relevant replacements in accordance with the given task.

One such recent task focused on finding media outlets and editors specialized in covering social issues such as poverty, migrants, and labor conditions. A Data Pro‘s extensive experience with media outlets showed that the volume of this type of specialized media within the EU was significantly small for EESC purposes. Nonetheless, there are many organizations within the EU whose business is these very topics – and many of them have their own formats, be it newspapers and journals or newsfeeds and specialized blogs. Thus, A Data Pro was able to provide the required number of contacts and support the work of the committee.

Although somewhat cliché, it would seem that behind every great (institution) is a great (database manager) – so here is to a succesfull continuation of joint efforts between A Data Pro and the EESC!