We can say that A Data Pro sent off a year full of changes and business success – 2021 was a turning point for us, to say the least! The past year brought to us a lot of changes related to our clients and their requirements. Fortunately, we were able to adapt fast enough to all of them.

We have grown in number of people, projects, and also in terms of solutions we provide. A Data Pro has also gained recognition for its work.

Excellence in innovation

When we talk about 2021 we need to highlight the opening of our new office in Burgas and the Burgas is getting up to date initiative that followed.

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What do we expect from 2022? The media monitoring industry changes rapidly with the constant improvement of technology, so adapting to the quickly changing technological environment is a must for every company in the industry.

Furthermore, in 2022 we still expect to see a hybrid type of work, where employees work from home or at the office if they prefer so. The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way people work forever, and businesses have to adapt to that change too.

Successful companies adapt

Automation is becoming more dominant in the media monitoring industry. Automation tools allow for more accurate and quicker monitoring for clients. It comes with many benefits for both businesses and employees, as automation makes work easier.

In recent years, advancements in artificial intelligence have made significant changes to the industry. So much so that clients now prefer media monitoring companies that work with automation tools.

Media monitoring companies nowadays deal with immense amounts of content and data. But making sense of the data and analyzing it can take too much time if done manually. That is why automated platforms can speed up the monitoring process by filtering irrelevant information.

Automated platforms also help save time in retrieving content, organizing content, and tagging it into specific categories. This process used to take hours and hours before automation, but now it’s done instantly.

AI-based platforms allow media monitoring companies to search for content in detail, which will result in better analysis. Automation has become such a huge part of media monitoring that clients expect companies to work with such platforms. As an ambitious company, we also strive to adapt to changes in the industry as quickly as possible.

A Data Pro strives to follow the industry trends by focusing on automation, adapting to change, adding more work value, and improving our employee’s soft skills.

Automation also allows companies to focus on developing analysts’ skills in other directions. When analysts don’t spend hours upon hours selecting articles or social media posts, they can improve their working skills with other activities.

Another focus for the new year for the company is to engage in education and training activities, so our employees are even more competitive.

Working from home

Working from home is the reality of most companies around the world for obvious reasons. A Data Pro’s working model has always been a hybrid style of work, where people get to decide where to work and feel most productive.

Working from home has become more or less an expectation by potential employees as more and more companies allow a fully or semi-remote working style. Companies have to adapt to remote working conditions if they want to attract talent that’s not limited to one city and keep their current employees happy.

Ilia Krastev Portrait

“Currently, people in our sector can work from anywhere in the world without coming to an office. It will be extremely important how companies impose their culture and invest in their people in the next two or three years, how they train them in soft skills that will create greater integration of teams and make them more successful”, commented Ilia Krustev, CEO at A Data Pro.

Remote work also allows employees to hire people outside a specific area, widening the talent pool. Employers can choose from a larger selection of employees, and potential employees do not have to relocate. All they would need is a strong internet connection and a computer. Today, if a company wants to bring employees back to the office, it needs to offer additional value.



The importance of soft skills

2022 will bring a lot of changes for potential employees, who want to develop their careers in the field of knowledge-intensive services. Besides software and language skills, we think that more and more companies will look for employees with impressive soft skills as well.

More employers will look for people who have great teamwork skills not only at the office but also when working remotely. When employees are situated everywhere around the world, the way they communicate and cooperate is key for a company’s success.

Towards a better 2022

There are many steps we can take to make the best of 2022. Overall, our main goals for the new year include, incorporating more automation tools, adapting to a more effective work style, and including new training programs for our employees.

Adapting to the new challenges of the industry is crucial if we want to succeed and evolve. A Data Pro is committed to achieving all standards of work in the industry, while providing the best possible services and maximizing our employees’ potential.

Stay tuned!