We are back with another blog post of our Jump Up Stories series where we introduce you to some of the people who are at the heart of our company.

Today, we are going right to A Data Pro’s Social Media and Coding Account to meet up with Ekaterina Dishlieva.

Meet Ekaterina Dishlieva

Kate is an absolute professional with a perfect zen-like balance of firmness and kindness in her work. She is one of the most responsible and smart people you’ll ever meet and is a great pleasure to work with!

Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I grew up in Chepelare, a small town in the Rhodope Mountains, Bulgaria. I graduated in Edinburgh, lived there for another year and came back to Bulgaria, where I moved to Plovdiv. I am a really active person – I have a lot of energy and therefore do a lot of sports (not so much lately due to all the lockdowns and pandemic measures). I love being outdoors, I love hiking and I love the sea!

What is your A Data Pro Story?

I joined A Data Pro in March 2018. A fun fact is that my first working day was 26th March – my birthday.

I was hired to lead a certain project which sadly did not end up going through, so I was offered to join the Coding Account instead, and I said “yes”.

I helped manage a few coding projects there before the team was merged with

the Social Media Account, when I took over the management of one of our big clients there and their social media projects.

During the development of our new internal systems, I took an active part in testing
and giving feedback for user experience improvements.

Jump Up Stories Ekaterina Dishlieva imgs in blog 600x800 1What are you most proud of when it comes to your work in A Data Pro?

I am not sure if this is an “I’m proud moment” but recently I was part of the team that led a very complex tender for a big institution in an Asian country and it was a really hard game. We worked with a variety of teams, such as Media Analysis, Technology, as well as an editorial team created from various Media Monitoring teams. We prepared and organised the processes and workflows for the tender and trial in the span of four sleepless days; the experience was very exhausting, but it gave me a great perspective of just how capable we are and what great opportunities we have before us.

What would you advise your younger self?

Preparation and patience are everything.

I used to believe that I was just very lucky because many good things happened to me since I graduated high school – I got a great education, that I managed to plan my living in a certain way and I always thought I was just born lucky, but the truth is, I worked hard for that; I prepared myself for these things and never rushed anything – it all just came to me at the right time and place.

Jump Up Stories ADPs Journey Ekaterina Dishlieva

The A Data Pro Social Media Account

A Data Pro has a team dedicated to social media listening.

With social media listening, we help businesses enhance their online marketing image, gain more insights into their customers, improve products, streamline advertising and sales.

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