Are you ready for this week’s Jump Up Story about one of A Data Pro’s 100% team players at heart?

Meet Marina

Senior Project Coordinator, constant learner,  passionate discoverer and more….

Please tell us a little bit about yourself. 

Hello, everyone! My name is Marina and I am 27 years old. I grew up in Blagoevgrad, in a quiet neighborhood, and I had the best childhood ever. The mountains are my favourite place, I feel like home there. I love skiing and spending time with my friends. Sunsets, wine and the sea make me happy.  

I found A Data Pro during my first year at university. I was looking for a place to do my summer internship, not looking for a job. I joined the See News account as a “Business journalist” and later switched to Editorial Account. I have been working here for more than eight years and I really enjoy my work. 

Marina TsonevaWhat are you most proud of when it comes to your work in ADP? 

I am most proud of successfully managing many large and demanding projects. I am also proud of the fact that I have managed to build trust with many of my colleagues and clients. I love working in a team and I have met so many wonderful people at ADP who have taught me much. 

What would you advise your younger self? 

I would advise my younger self to not take many things personally. I realized that I should not be concerned with how others define me. “When they define you, they are limiting themselves, so it’s their problem.”

We live in a dynamic world. How do you expect the industry you work in to change over the next 12 months? (ex. interesting tendencies, trends, latest developments etc.)

The future of data science and analytics will be fueled by new technologies, such as AI and virtual reality. AI is likely to continue to develop. It is making rapid progress especially in the field of data analytics. The Covid-19 pandemic and remote work have significantly increased opportunities to track and measure data.

Which fictional character do you feel you’re most like? What traits do you share with them? 

My favorite fictional character is “The Little Prince” and I think we have much in common. Antoine de Saint-Exupery’s zodiac sign is the same as mine – Cancer, and I bet that his character’s zodiac sign is Cancer, too. He is sensitive and kind-hearted, constantly looking for answers and exploring new things. His almost naive view about the world does not prevent him from being incredibly wise.

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