Leveraging AI for media companies at BIMS 2018

The Business Information and Media Summit (BIMS), held in Florida on 12-14 November, is one of the most important events in the media and information industry and, therefore, one of the most important for us as a media and business intelligence company. This year’s Summit is especially valuable to A Data Pro as we will have the opportunity to share our expertise and competence on the latest in machine learning and AI solutions for the media industry, putting the focus on what our services can do to streamline it into the Digital Age.

On 14 November, the third day of BIMS 2018, from 11:15 to 12:00 AM, our CTO Vladimir Petkov will deliver firsthand insights and knowledge on the role of AI and machine learning technology in media companies and how their implementation can project them into the future. 

Vladimir brings a decade’s experience in digital media and business development and serves as CEO of A Data Pro’s research and development hub Identrics, which was set up in 2016 and is already widely recognized and awarded for its machine learning and AI solutions. He is an experienced speaker and university lecturer, as well as a vocal advocate for digitalisation and the adoption of new technologies. What makes his expertise especially valuable is his experience in both media and technology. This gives him a thorough understanding of the underlying problems and opportunities in the media industry and the technological perspective and toolkit to tackle them.

Vladimir’s presentation in the “Leveraging AI and Machine Learning to Create Competitive Advantage” panel will showcase our work for SeeNews — а leading business intelligence and news provider for Southeast Europe, for which we drastically changed the way data gets presented to the reader. We automatically linked the news stories created on a daily basis with SeeNews’ archive of company profiles, allowing readers to easily access further information such as ownership, sales, executives and locations. The SeeNews case study will shine a light on the best practices in machine learning and AI, centering on our named-entity recognition solutions and the human-in-the-loop approach, and their role in significantly impacting the way both journalists and readers accessed and used information to get the most out of it.

Additionally, our seasoned and charismatic CCO Slavyana Krushovenska will present at the BIMS 2018 TechFlash — a dynamic, five-minute presentation that will introduce BIMS delegates to A Data Pro and our AI, automation and data collection capabilities for the media and business information industries.

Don’t miss Slavyana at the TechFlash on the second day of the Summit — November 13, from 9:45 to 10:15 AM.

For the past 20 years, A Data Pro has been a trusted partner to media companies and business intelligence providers from all over the world. Our services include data and content management and in the past few years we emphasised heavily on machine learning and AI solutions as the best approach to our clients’ needs. By integrating the regional expertise of our analysts and the unprecedented effectiveness of our smart machines into one inseparable whole, we reached a new level of service quality and client satisfaction.

Join us at BIMS and find out more about what A Data Pro can do to streamline media companies into the future.

See you very soon in the Sunshine State!