Making the AI case for media professionals

Bearing in mind the rapidly changing mediascape and abundance of data that professionals operating in the field are faced with, a new approach to information is needed. Content is king, and in order to provide engaging, relevant and on-time updates to your readers, you have to know what’s in demand. But that’s just one side of the coin – optimising your data, providing context and interconnectedness of your information is equally important. This is where AI and automation come in.

Making sense of information is where we excel thanks to the unique way our business operates.

Our human-in-the-loop approach to machine learning intertwines human and artificial intelligence, taking the best of both worlds – the unrivalled efficiency of automated data processing, aggregation and management solutions, and the decision-making process of our regional and industry experts. The end goal – to transform the billions of bytes of data out there and connect the dots.

This approach is especially applicable to media outlets and publishers. For instance, what we did for one of our partners – a business news provider – was to analyse the data for all companies mentioned in articles published on its website, including business and industry metrics, and create an interactive digital environment where all the information is interconnected.

We used a Named-Entity Recognition (NER) technology, combining it with a human-in-the-loop (HITL) approach, to process the news archive and automatically identify company names, aligning them with the corresponding company profile, thus freeing journalists from reading the articles. Users could now easily access all the data related to a particular article, company or topic of interest with one click.

But this is just one aspect of our media industry-oriented offering. A Data Pro is also a provider of media monitoring and analysis that brings current trends and round-the-clock news updates on any and all industries. Thanks to our agility and versatility, we can cover any topic, brand or sector in accordance to our partners’ specific needs, producing anything from daily reports on media conversations, critical market situation alerts, customised news briefs on new opportunities and competitive threats, all the way to quantitative and qualitative media analysis and consulting.

Media and information providers can thus understand the effects of their own activities better than ever, allowing for faster and greater strategic insight that, in turn, can help them meet their business goals – whether its capturing a wider audience within their current field, expanding to a new market, or restructuring their operations.

Our AI-powered solutions for the media and publishing business is what our CTO, Vladimir Petkov, will be talking about in his presentation at the Business Information and Media Summit (BIMS) in Florida, US, on 14 November 2018.

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