Meet the team at the 2019 AMEC Global Summit in Prague

Praha, here we come! What is probably the most significant event in the communication measurement and evaluation industry – the 2019 AMEC Global Summit 2019 – is next week.

The 11th edition of the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication’s (AMEC) annual Global Summit on Measurement will be taking place at the Prague Marriott Hotel from 21st to 23rd May.

During the two-day summit, attendees will be immersed in the world of ever-changing algorithms and the impact to insights and evaluation. As AMEC members and Global Education Partner, we’ve been regular Summit attendees over the years, but this time around A Data Pro is an active participant in the program focusing on “DATA: Analytics, Algorithms & Augmentation”.

Our CTO, Vladimir Petkov, will join the panel in the Workshop B “Developing your Data Stack: Finding and delivering data that matters” on the 23rd of May at 9:00. In his presentation, Vladimir will showcase A Data Pro’s in-house developed data collection and transformation operations, and will share data collection best practices from his own work at the company. His talk will demonstrate how open source software and integrated components from different vendors build up and continuously optimise a flexible data stack that can be easily modified to our and our clients’ needs. All who attend the morning workshop will also hear him talk about the pros and cons of this approach. The highlight of Vladimir’s presentation is two particular and current issues relevant to just about everyone in the industry — collecting data from Facebook and copyright regulations.

Later the same day in the panel of Workshop D “Not-For-Profit: Analytics and augmentation proving value to mission” Anastasiya Nanivksa, our Social Media Analysis Account Manager, will make the case for analytics-based decision-making for non-profits. She will delve into the industry’s current needs and challenges and go beyond by asking the questions we need to be asking in order to evolve communications measurement. Through recent case studies, Anastasiya will also demonstrate what we did for major international organizations to help them raise their efficiency in communication and measurement.

Look out for the A Data Pro team on the ground: our CEO Ilia Krustev, CCO Slavyana Krushovenska, CTO Vladimir Petkov and  Media Monitoring and Analysis Account Manager Anastasiya Nanivska will be on the ground during the whole summit. Don’t be shy – the team would be happy to meet you and talk about the industry, its evolution and how A Data Pro facilitates the jump to more intelligent, increasingly connected and intuitive communications.

Stay tuned for more company news and events!