When you ask A Data Pro’s football team, ADPiem, how their latest tournament went, they’ll laughingly tell you that they scored a goal by accident, a player had a minor injury, the team won two out of three games despite being considered an underdog and got again the sportsmanship award for teamwork.

But in their account you can’t but feel the pride of being part of the “Football for a Cause” tournament because as a team they contributed to the biggest victory: 18,000 levs collected for two children, Rado and Alexandra, who need the funds for medical treatment. ADPiem has been part of this charity tournament from the very beginning and they came back for the fourth year as it holds a special place for them.

As Petar Galev said, “What makes this tournament unique is that it’s for charity and so you enjoy yourself when you play. The whole atmosphere is friendly and you’re surrounded by people who are readily giving their time and effort. Even when you compete, it’s not about victory at all costs, no matter the final tally, you have contributed something much more precious.”

This tournament saw ADPiem at their best. “We played much better than expected and everyone was very enthusiastic. Great games happen only if the players have a strong spirit and everyone is giving their best for the team and this time we truly came together as one.”

Listening to Radoslav and Petar’s joking tales about unlikely victories in the last minute, you soon realise that this team, which everyone initially passed over as completely amateur, has grown into much more than just guys who occasionally meet to play football. They do it with such passion that they have become real teammates beyond the playing field.  

They are convinced that when they play more often, they feel as part of a team and therefore motivated to participate. It’s just like the element of charity – it’s more gratifying to play when it is for a cause. Also, the more you play, the better player you become, as Radoslav noted, adding that new members are most welcome. “Even those who are somewhat concerned about their skills on the field will find a place in ADPiem. So they shouldn’t hesitate to join us.”

So, call Radoslav if you want to be part of the team! Those who want to share the team spirit are always invited to the stadium to cheer and support ADPiem.