In the past few weeks, we have witnessed devastating events taking place. We believe that peaceful, ordinary citizens do not want to be a part of the war. War, no matter where it occurs, has only negative consequences for everyone involved.


We at A Data Pro, as part of AIBEST, expressed willingness to support affected people on the very first day of the conflict. This collaboration led to the development of the BG4UA platform, which aims to ease the process of connecting people seeking and people offering assistance. 

The platform attracted more than 3 thousand volunteers from all over Bulgaria who offer housing, volunteering, or donations.

A Data Pro volunteers

A Data Pro is shaped and owns its success to its diverse team. We believe in teamwork, flexibility, trust and insights. In these challenging times, the only thing we can do is to demonstrate solidarity and support. As part of the Bulgarian tech society, our company has been looking for ways to help Ukrainians evacuate and move to our country. Some of our colleagues voluntarily are involved in the process of helping refugees find accommodation and shelters.

In these tough times, when everybody is scared, when everything is uncertain, the things that can lead us forward are compassion, empathy and humanity. Here, we want to say thank you to all of our colleagues who were and still are looking out for solutions for Ukrainian refugees. 

Hats off to you, guys!

A donation campaign

As a company, we are also part of a “Bulgaria for Ukraine” donation campaign ( #BG4UA) to continue our efforts in supporting the Ukrainian refugees. The main goal of the campaign is to collect enough donations for Ukrainian refugees who have chosen Bulgaria as their temporary home. The donations will be used to provide services such as transportation, accommodation, legal support, medical services, food and childcare

A Data Pro was among the first to donate. If you feel like you want to help, you can find out more about the donation campaign here.

The campaign is led by a Board of Initiators, which includes Ilia Krastev (CEO at A Data Pro and Chairman at AIBEST), Elina Zheleva (BG4UA), Max Gurvits (BG4UA), Sasha Bezuhanova (MOVE.BG), Dobromir Ivanov (BESCO), as well as Evgeny Angelov (BVCA). A Data Pro was one of the first companies which donated to the initiative. 

Career opportunities for refugees

A Data Pro will provide its full support to Ukrainian refugees who would like to explore professional opportunities in the company. 

Find our open positions and these of the other companies, part of the Updata One community, here.