When you step into A Data Pro’s office, you can see a bunch of little catchy phrases written on the walls everywhere. Stuff like excellence, commitment, intelligence, global, scalable, flexible, change and innovation, you can see a large-lettered slogan in the yard: We make sense of information, and so on and so forth.


After a couple of hours, you will be thrown at a lot more of such little words, that have so much value next to them in dictionaries, and so little true meaning in real life. If you are sceptical like me, you can think, a lot like me, that there must be something wrong with this scenery, and much like the crime scene investigators in Hollywood movies, start looking for clues to uncover a villainous plot that tricks you into something you don’t want to be tricked into. It will not take you long to realise that such scepticism is the last thing that you need in a place like this one.

HQ Office

A couple of years back, when I heard the message “We make sense of information” for the first time, I did not really know what to make of it. Gradually, the jigsaw puzzle all fitted into place as the days went by, and the never ending list of tasks was ever growing. Do you know what happens when you get into one place young journalists, law experts, language wizards, IT gurus, analytics masters, philosophy lovers, music enthusiasts, and many more, all thirsty for knowledge, experience, and with fundamental desire to explore the mechanics of our very world? Well, it happens exactly that way – we do start to make sense of information, and we are damn good at it. It is truly amazing that people so different can make things work well and smoothly, rely on each other for support in tough times and laugh together in the good ones.

To strive, sweat and bleed to dig up undiggable things, and to put in order the vast information chaos in which every modern person is drowning. To relax and take a sweet breath when all is done, and have a moment of satisfaction that you had walked the extra mile, realising that you have been doing this again and again. To excel. To succeed. And to be thirsty for more each single day.

All of these are big words. All of these sound epic, magical and wondrous. All of this might be perceived as if we think we are some superheroes taken off a comic book…All of these sound…well, excessive. The astonishing and simple fact is that we do might not seem a big deal – just a bunch of people going through a shitload of information every single day, staring at screens and clicking on links, ending up with summaries of the things we find – it is actually exactly that – superhero stuff, through which we serve one single purpose – making sense of information.