Maria-Ivanova1Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a concept associated with a company being good, sticking to high moral principles. Socially responsible companies are usually innovative and human, fostering a culture of empowerment rather than focusing on short-term goals.

A key to understanding this company of the future is the word “partner”. That’s how employees, customers and subcontractors are treated. Employees are encouraged to share ideas, be creative and contribute to the business development process, that way they feel truly valuable as individuals. And to make long story short, that is the climate we are trying to create here at A Data Pro!

When I came to the company six months ago, I met young, passionate people with bright ideas and lots of positive energy. Having the same values, an immediate connection was born and they confirmed my belief that people’s energy is the most precious resource we possess! For years our internal culture has been supporting the development of entrepreneurship thinking and proactiveness in everybody regardless of their position or job title. The aim is clear and simple – involve everybody on a more strategic level, encourage their contribution and let them feel appreciated at the end of the day. In this line of thought, I invite everyone at A Data Pro to embrace the freedom of sharing ideas, as they will only face supportive reaction from the management. Only with sincere support from everyone will any company policy succeed.

A Data Pro is focused on two major CSR activities – education and children-related charity causes. We provide various support and actively work with universities in Bulgaria – equipping computer labs and rooms for interactive learning, organizing educational courses, which include our experts as lecturers, offering internship and employment opportunities for students and graduates.


On the other hand, children-related charity causes foster the spirit of volunteering and self-initiative in our people. One of them was the football tournament organised by A Data Pro’s football team in support of charity foundation Concordia Bulgaria and its children football club. The club was set up last year to help children from vulnerable communities get a good start in life and integrate through sport.

Another initiative, called Friends’ Friday, which is an after-hours get-together every last Friday of the month, became the scene of a charity bazaar in May. People from the company brought hand-made stuff and sold it to raise money and support foster care in Bulgaria. The party lasted almost till dawn, euphoric mood, guitars and lots of positive energy shared by all of us. Of course, the total amount collected at this event couldn’t be ignored, and the huge moral satisfaction of it!


Our latest initiative called A Data Pro Musala Summit supported Kids Care charity and the fun educational video lessons What a test for the human spirit and strength that was! 85 employees, partners and friends of the company climbed together the highest peak in the Balkans, Mount Musala (2,985 m). A Data Pro donated money for each participant, who made it to the top. In addition, branded T-shirts were sold to people, who couldn’t participate, but wanted to show their support.

With deep inner satisfaction and confidence, I can say that A Data Pro is following its true strategic direction by showing leadership behavior. A big well-deserved THANK YOU to the people in the company comes handy – hey doers, stay that energetic, inspirational and socially responsible! Believing that a business has a higher mission than simply making money can help our business change human lives and make the world a better place!