Media analytics, risk & compliance and source processing… Do those speak much to you?

If yes, you are either an employee, a client or a friend of A Data Pro, or simply a media monitoring pro. Here we will be able to share experience, inspire one another and bring up tough issues.

If not, this is the place to find out how we make sense of information and more about the people who do it.

A lot is going on in the company – from media monitoring for an automobile giant to content processing through artificial intelligence. We’re willing to share if you are ready to listen.

Our weekly posts will feature industry news, case studies and interviews on media monitoring and analytics, risk & compliance, database management, data conversion and editorial services.

The IT team will discuss the latest data processing technologies, e.g. artificial neural networks, present startups and talk with their founders to see where the industry is going.


We’ll also tell you about our people and teams. They aren’t just analytic nerds but also young people who play sports, have fun and beer parties.

We might be the H2020 or Eurostars partner you are looking for?

And finally we will tell you about some EU projects that we’ve been working on as well as ideas and plans for future participation. In the next posts you will read more about our projects, the technologies we have introduced thanks to EU funding, some challenges we have overcome and problems we’ve encountered.

Stay tuned, there is more coming!