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Back in 2016, a report by the Atlantic found that The Washington Post published over 500 stories daily and many other top news sites averaged between 200 and 300. When you extrapolate across the media sector, potentially 2+ million stories are hitting the web every single day. 

That is a lot of content and that number is growing day by day. This proliferation of stories in the digital sphere can lead to information overload, causing problems for executives who need to make critical decisions in a timely manner. How do you find news stories relevant to your field when there is a constant bombardment of information?

The answer is: by receiving personalised executive news briefs that provide professionals with a news selection tailored to their needs that will save them valuable time and potentially give them a competitive advantage.

The Challenges of Staying Informed

Between meetings, emails, logistics, operational issues, and the countless other tasks that executives face on a daily basis, there are few gaps in their schedule to spend time trawling business news sites or browsing LinkedIn. At the same time, staying informed is very important when the focus is on protecting a company’s brand reputation and maximising its PR and marketing efforts.

Time, or the lack thereof, is arguably the biggest challenge when it comes to staying informed. Another challenge is the daily avalanche of news on the internet which makes it hard to identify sources that provide relevant information. With so many news sources and countless stories, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and underinformed.

How can Editorial Services Help?

Editorial services are like having your own personal assistant, one who understands your needs and interests and provides regular content updates in the form of executive news briefs. These newsletters typically include concise summaries that take all of the information in the article and condense it into a quickly consumable form.

By using AI to capture relevant mentions in combination with experienced tech professionals and robust quality control, companies like A Data Pro provide highly relevant executive news briefings that span global markets and support multiple languages.

7 Benefits of Personalised Executive News Briefs

Regardless of industry or job position, executive news briefs can improve professionals’ workflow and help them support their business in a number of ways. For example:

1. They Save Time

Time is a valuable commodity for the modern executive. Manually trawling news sites and finding relevant content can consume what little free time they have. Editorial services work by considering the client’s needs and using them to create a targeted, tailored plan that gives them only the most relevant content. 

Receiving executive news briefs at desired time intervals (hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) that categorise all that content in the form of clear and concise summaries can significantly shorten the time needed for professionals and executives to stay informed while avoiding information overload.

2. They Provide Clarity on Key Topics

We have all been guilty of reacting to a news story and even forming an opinion based solely on a headline, whether it is an attention-grabbing post on social media or a topical story published by an online newspaper. It is not necessarily because we do not think the rest of the article is relevant, but because we do not have the time to read it.

With limited time on their hands, executives often skim articles and assume they are capturing the most relevant points but ultimately they can misread the tone or misunderstand the author. Executive news briefs provide a solution to this problem. They use summaries that are concise enough to enable rapid “skimming” while maintaining enough detail to accurately capture the tone and meaning behind the entire article.

3. Stay in Touch with the Latest Trends

Trends come and go. What is viral one minute can be old news the next. That has always been the case, but the trend cycle seems much shorter in the modern age than it was 50, 20, and even 10 years ago.

There is an old adage in trading that goes something like this, “When your taxi driver starts telling you about an exciting investment opportunity, it is time to sell.” The same is true for trends—by the time everyone is talking about them and other businesses are taking advantage, it is already too late. The goal, therefore, is to learn about the promising trends when they are still up-and-coming, and not when they are already here.

By capturing exciting news stories and industry-relevant statistics, you can discover those trends before they filter through to the general public and use them to your advantage.

4. Discover What Your Competitors Are Doing

What did your competitors do this week? Do they have a new product or service? Was there a significant change in their operations or staffing? These are things that you need to know about, and executive news briefs can provide you with this information.

By providing quick and sufficient updates on your competitors, these briefings allow you to act quickly on the things that you discover, whether that means bringing a product launch forward, tweaking a marketing campaign, or even pivoting your business in a new direction.

5. You Can Act Quickly In Crisis Situations

News briefings provide an in-depth level of decision-making support for executives, which is key in this fast-moving, always-online world. As we have seen numerous times over the past few years, brands and celebrities are always one miss-step away from catastrophic reputational damage.

With executive news briefs, you can quickly spot potential issues, giving you enough time to develop a strategy on how to quash them before they snowball. Brand reputation has never been more important, and executive news briefings provide the first line of defence for forward-thinking executives.

6. They Increase Productivity

The less time you spend finding and reading articles, the more time you have for the things that matter, such as negotiating with clients, planning strategies, managing operations, or training staff. It is time that can be spent ticking off items from your to-do list.

7. They Provide Coverage of Global Markets

Executive news briefings can tap into global markets. At A Data Pro, for instance, we use multilingual news analysts and dedicated software—if something relevant is being discussed anywhere in the world, you will know about it.

Tap Into Global Markets with Personalised Executive News Briefs

A Data Pro’s editorial services provide executives with everything they need to stay up-to-date. Our team, proficient in multiple languages, carefully selects articles and incorporates coding and indexing coverage, resulting in a personalised newsletter tailored just for you.

Contact us today to learn more and discover how our editorial services can help you and your business.