Content enrichment

Extract the maximum amount of information when analysing immense data sets.

Team & capacity

Benefit from supervised and unsupervised content enrichment.

Supervised content enrichment

  • General Sentiment – classify positive to negative emotions in social media conversations, blogs, forums, and other forms of unstructured web text. 
  • General Taxonomy – classify content in a wide set of categories. 
  • Name Entity Extraction (NER) – automatically find mentions of people, organizations, brands, locations, events, and others.

Unsupervised content enrichment

  • Similarity Clustering – identify relevant keywords in an article and cluster similar articles based on their frequency. 
  • Anomaly detection – detect anomalies and any discrepancies in texts based on historical data comparison. Automatic detection can be used in media monitoring services to identify peaks of certain topics and detect what people talk about the most.

Team & capacity

Supervised (tailor-made) 

We can tailor our supervised content enrichment services to your needs. Our tailored supervised techniques use the technologies in the default content enrichment, entirely customized to your organization’s requirements.


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