Data Management

Achieve unparalleled accuracy and reliability with our robust data management solutions.

What we do

Seamless data management with human precision

Besides collecting and integrating data from various sources, we also offer comprehensive data management solutions. Through ongoing monitoring, we make sure that your datasets are up-to-date and accurate.

While our advanced systems handle the bulk of data processing automatically, we incorporate a “human in the loop” approach to build and maintain your database. This means that our team of professionals regularly reviews and double-checks the data to ensure there are no errors or inconsistencies.

Tailored to your needs

Management Solutions

As part of our data automation solutions, we offer 24/7 monitoring and information extraction from specific sources to ensure that your business has continuous access to the most current and relevant information.


Do you work in Risk Intelligence and need to know when an entity gets added or removed to your PEP, SOE, or sanction lists? Perhaps you are a business owner who needs to create and maintain databases for specific purposes?

We can track and detect changes in the information you need and provide you with accurate and up-to-date data.


We can help you analyse data, classify topics, update taxonomies, and extract brand mentions. Our solution includes:

Content Recommendations: Increase time spent on pages with personalised content recommendations for your readers achieved through similarity clustering and keyword identification.

Entity Extraction and Classification:  Simplify the process of investigating datasets by identifying crucial elements within unstructured databases. We can make unstructured data readable and usable for processing.

Multi-label tagging: Organise and tag content into categories such as topics, types of industries, or countries of origin. We can apply the taxonomy to millions of articles to ensure we do not miss any crucial details.

Sentiment Analysis: Extract and analyse the tone of a text or the public from an unstructured document.


We can enrich your automatically gathered datasets with additional data points by conducting research on demand. This approach ensures that you receive comprehensive and detailed datasets enriched with relevant information that automated processes might overlook.

We can manually add this additional information to an existing data set, or use our advanced tools to extract mentions of people, companies, events, etc. relevant to you, and add them to your content as metadata before you receive the final product.

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