Training Data for AI

Get high-quality training data and build reliable AI models.

What we do

Precise model training with a human touch

In order for your models to produce human-like outputs, incorporating human intervention and logical reasoning is essential.

Our team consists of over 500 domain experts who speak more than 50 languages and can provide accurate data annotation. This diverse team allows us to deliver high-quality and tailored solutions to clients worldwide.

What we offer

A flexible approach to fine-tuning your AI models

A Data Pro offers a flexible approach to training machine learning, deep learning, and large language models with access to high-quality datasets or the option to use your own data.

We understand the importance of a robust taxonomy and classification system. Our experts can help create a custom taxonomy, automate processes, and provide high-quality assessments to meet your unique needs.

Editorial Curation and Output Supervision

Editorial curation is integral to our approach in labelling and annotating data for AI model training.

Our multilingual labelling capabilities ensure comprehensive dataset enrichment, enhancing accuracy, and relevance across diverse languages and domains.

We specialise in data curation and output supervision, supporting you in refining proprietary or customer-supplied datasets.

Our human-in-the-loop methodology guarantees meticulous data annotation, aligning with your specific model training requirements.

Whether you need linguistic refinement, multilingual labelling, or custom taxonomy creation, our experts provide tailored solutions to elevate your AI development initiatives.

Who do we help?

Any industry – anywhere in the world!

We work closely with clients from all over the world and have successfully delivered numerous curated datasets, driving breakthroughs in AI development for global enterprises.

Our team of domain experts has experience working across various industries, including healthcare, finance, retail, and more.

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Training Data for AI
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