2023 Academy Awards | Media Intelligence Report

Discover the Latest Media Trends in the Academy Awards 2023 with a Media Analysis Report by A Data Pro

Are you interested in the excitement surrounding the 2023 Academy Awards? Look no further than our media analysis report, available for free download now. The most recent media trends are highlighted in our report, along with attention peaks and information on the topics that attracted the most interest.

  • The Best Picture category, which had ten nominees, accounted for 45% of all mentions and dominated the conversation.
  • Best Actress came in second place, receiving 30% of mentions.
  • The controversy surrounding nominee Andrea Riseborough and the omission of front-runners Viola Davis and Danielle Deadwyler are also covered in our report.

Get the full report to find out more about the conversation volume, the sentiment, the breakdown of media types, and to gain some insights into the most intriguing categories.

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