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Which industries do you monitor?

We at A Data Pro work with clients from numerous industries including but not limited to pharma, healthcare, automotive, FMCG, aviation, travel, fashion, retail, beauty, agriculture, telecommunications, gaming, financial services and banking, fintech, NGOs, government and public sector, energy and utility, technology and software, and many, many more.

How do you determine which industries to include in your newsletter?

Requests will be approved based on popular demand.

How often do you update your coverage of industries?

On a monthly basis.

Can I request updates on multiple industries in a single submission?

Yes. However, please note that while you can request updates on multiple industries in a single submission, only one of those industries might be selected for inclusion in the upcoming issue of our Media Intelligence Insights Newsletter.

What kind of insights can I expect to receive for the industries I request?

A general overview of top industry stories on mainstream and social media that have generated the most engagement and have received the most coverage. For a more targeted approach, consider reaching out to us to explore our full range of media intelligence services tailored to your specific needs and become our valued client.

Are there any additional fees associated with submitting requests for industry monitoring?

No, our monthly newsletter is free for our subscribers.

How do I know if my requested industry has been included in the newsletter?

Please subscribe to our LinkedIn Newsletter to be informed.