Media Intelligence


1,234,456 mentions analyzed for Fortune 500 companies

Problem and solution

Track key stories and how they impact your organisation’s reputation

Monitor mainstream and social media with comprehensive, tailor-made market briefs and reports delivered on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even yearly basis.

Follow news, social media, and print

Stay informed on what the media says about your organisation, brand, or product.

Compare your media presence

Learn the successful strategies of competitors and easily monitor your company’ media presence.

Get relevant information

Forget uncurated and nonessential content. Get a professional media intelligence report that includes only information relevant to your decision-making process.

OUR Solutions

Media intelligence is an umbrella term for a variety of tools and services that help communication specialists make sense of the vast array of information available in the digital realm. 

Our media intelligence solutions cover all the areas – from media monitoring to social listening and data analysis, with the primary goal to deliver the insights and valuable information PR & marketing professionals need to develop and implement their strategies.

Our team of experts will take care of keyword creation and query building based on your requirements. 

Take advantage of the relevant information you need! Our services include:


  • Taxonomy Building/Maintenance 
  • Maintenance, Filtering and Selecting of Relevant Content
  • Source Evaluation and Catalogue Maintenance
  • Search-String (Query) Building
  • Keyword Creation
  • Source Licensing

We don’t just translate, we localise.

Cultural context matters. Our team uses their expert knowledge of local markets to build complex queries and adapts them in over 50 languages to ensure that we capture all relevant conversations. 


Build. Adapt. Clean. Review. We do it all!

In addition to building and adapting queries, we also work on spam cleaning and optimizations of different types of content. We can review and select relevant content from various sources, including traditional media, social media, hybrid, and broadcast.


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We offer crawling digital media and clipping traditional and electronic media. We can buy content, download it, get it through API, OCR and digitalise it. Our established data aggregation technology ensures that only relevant data is gathered, and our data transformation tools and technology can format your data quickly and efficiently into the desired form.

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We provide complex indexing based on web content, print, hybrid, broadcasts (TV, radio), and social media platforms (YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.). Our analysts have worked on various coding methodologies for both traditional and social media in over 45 languages. We have covered numerous industries such as financial services, analytics and big data, tourism, healthcare and wellbeing, tobacco, pharma, cloud computing and data centres, telecommunications, higher education, science and research, security and defence, social networks, fashion and beauty, etc.

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Our experience, expertise, and global presence give us an edge. We’ll help you stay on top of the news cycle and ategorize the articles according to your priorities. 

Identify business pportunities and competitive threats with our customized news digests delivered in an easy-to read format .

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Search results matter. Online, word of mouth encompasses each article, blog post, and social media mention of your company’s name. Protect your reputation and influence public opinion by tracking key metrics that help you predict reputational challenges and build effective PR and marketing campaigns.

Team & capacity

Experienced analysts fluent in 45+ languages

Culturally diverse data analysts help you understand how a brand, product or service is perceived. The analytics process builds upon our capabilities in content harvesting, search-string building and optimization, data cleaning, coding, and insight generation.

140+ employees
45+ languages
40+ nationalities
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