Competitor Analysis

Learn from your competitors’ highs and lows, and give your PR and marketing teams a head start with our comprehensive competitor analysis.


Outperform your competitors with data-driven strategies.

Identify your competitors and receive a thorough analysis of their media presence, messaging strategies, and audience engagement tactics. We pinpoint their strengths and weaknesses and benchmark their performance against your own.


Customised insights that meet your needs.

The insights in our reports are customised to fit the specific needs of your business, and presented through informative graphs, tables, and images for easy comprehension.

From measuring share of voice (SOV) to conducting sentiment analysis and assessing social reach, our reports provide you with an overview of your competitive landscape.

✅ Detailed competitor profiles

✅ Competitor benchmarking

✅ Identification of strengths and weaknesses

✅ Emerging trends and opportunities

✅ Recommendations for strategic differentiation

Why choose us?

Our advanced media intelligence solutions can help you gain a competitive edge.

Get coverage in 50+ languages

Our multilingual analysts use the latest AI-assisted technology to conduct in-depth competitor research and analysis with a human touch.

Receive tailored and actionable insights

We meticulously analyse media data and provide you with insights that help you identify trends and fill in whitespaces in your market.

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Competitor Analysis
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