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How we help

The Right Stories, The Right Language, At The Right Time

Our multilingual team will sort through heaps of coverage in different languages so you don’t have to. We clean your data feeds, filter out irrelevant coverage, and only select stories that matter to you. Stay on top of company mentions, gain insights on key stories, and closely follow market and competitor news.

Save time with our concise summaries

Stay informed on any critical developments in your target markets and industries. We monitor coverage in over 50 languages and save you time with our short and insightful summaries in English that you can quickly read through. 

Design your newsletter

We categorize and order the summaries according to your predefined priorities and requirements. The summaries are grouped into daily newsletters in an easily digestible and highly customizable format that incorporates your branding visuals. We can filter priority stories and curate a selection of articles that you can easily share with your stakeholders. 

Hand-picked articles

Coding and indexing coverage are an integral part of our editorial services. We offer manual selection and ordering of articles in a newsletter or a clipbook. Depending on your needs, we can add or omit summaries in English.

Why choose us

Expertly curated news digests from all markets

Our executive news briefs are curated by multilingual news analysts who deliver a rich set of breaking news stories and concise insights. We monitor markets globaly and rely on human intelligence to hand-pick the most essential news and translate media coverage into English.

Tailored to your needs

We view the media coverage through your lens, keeping you informed on the latest market news and key stories that impact your organisation and its competitors.


Spend less time scrolling through all possible news coverage and focus on gaining a competitive advantage. We can deliver early in the morning, update you in the afternoon, and alert you when necessary.


We work around your budget and create cost-effective reports packed with highly relevant local and international mentions of your organisation, competitors, products, partners, and industry happenings.

Written by analysts

Our team closely monitors all media mentions so you don’t have to. With your business requirements in mind, our analysts write impactful summaries complete with links to original sources.


Our briefs are designed to blend with your organisation’s communication style and are available in mobile-friendly formats.

Fully customisable

Be in full control of your template and information format. Add your logo, brand colours, and company fonts. Select your desired content sources (online, broadcast, print, social media, etc.), and choose the type of mentions you wish to read about.

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