Influencer Analysis

Find the right voices for your influencer marketing campaigns with our media intelligence solutions!


Increase your brand awareness with the right influencers.

Influencer marketing has become a cornerstone of modern brand strategy, allowing businesses to reach new audiences and drive engagement like never before. But to truly harness the potential of influencer partnerships, you need to find the right influencers who will amplify your brand messages.

We can help you find them!


Develop successful influencer marketing strategies based on data.

Get detailed insights into follower count data, audience demographics, engagement metrics, brand affinity, and more. We start by identifying the voices that are already generating mentions about your brand and separate the positive from the negative.

We also research influential voices in your industry and select those whose narrative aligns seamlessly with your brand values and resonates authentically with your target audience.


We will customise your reports with metrics that matter to you.

Once you select the right influencers, we will track your campaign’s performance and ROI. With our customisable reporting options, you will receive actionable recommendations to guide your influencer marketing strategy and drive meaningful results. Our analysts cover markets in over 50 languages and possess the cultural and linguistic knowledge needed to decipher social media acronyms and popularly used internet slang.

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Influencer Analysis
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