Reputational Analytics

Protect your reputation and influence public opinion by tracking key metrics that help you predict reputational challenges and build effective PR and marketing campaigns.

How we help

We reduce the noise

We can navigate through the never-ending expansion of traditional and social media content. 

Our final products contain concise and actionable insights presented to you through informative graphs, tables, and images for easy comprehension. Measure your SOV (share of voice) in the market, receive an accurate sentiment analysis, and gauge the social reach of any entity online.

About the data

Avoid reputational challenges and respond to feedback in real-time

We offer real-time monitoring of your target markets and help you nip escalations in the bud.

Our experienced analysts build queries and train social listening tools (consumer intelligence platforms) that capture all conversations. We also offer manual coding and reassigning of sentiment where technology fails to understand the context.

Why choose us

Monitor any platform or source in over 50 languages

We offer daily vigilance and monitoring as part of our long-term services as well as, alerts and reports that you can receive at your preferred time intervals (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, or custom). We also offer recommendations based on the data we review and our team’s expert knowledge of the local languages and cultures to help you with your decision-making process.

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