Search & Sources

Keyword creation and query building services customized to your needs.

Problem and solution

The right stories from all sources

We offer keyword creation and query building services customized to fit your requirements. Our services include: 

  • Taxonomy Building and Maintenance 
  • Maintenance, Filtering and Selecting of Relevant Content
  • Source Evaluation and Catalogue Maintenance
  • Search-String (Query) Building
  • Keyword Creation 
  • Source Licensing

About the data

We don’t just translate, we localise.

Cultural context matters. Our team uses their expert knowledge of local markets to build complex queries and adapts them in over 40 languages to ensure that we capture all relevant conversations. 

Why choose us

Build. Adapt. Clean. Review. We do it all!

 In addition to building and adapting queries, we also work on spam cleaning and optimizations of different types of content. We can review and select relevant content from various sources, including traditional media, social media, hybrid, and broadcast.

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