Social Listening

Are you missing out on valuable insights hidden in social media conversations? We can help!


Because everything happens on social media first. 

Nowadays trends, social movements, cultural phenomena, and breaking news emerge on social media platforms before they ever reach traditional channels. Voices on social media influence brand perceptions and they hold the power to decide the future of your brand.

Social listening enables you to track mentions, comments, shares, and other interactions related to specific keywords or topics across various social media channels. Listen to what users are saying and be an active player in shaping the narrative about your brand online!


Comprehensive reports in over 50 languages

We can help you understand how social media users perceive and engage with your brand, products, or services.

Our multilingual analysts have extensive experience in working with social listening tools. They are skilled at monitoring the social web for stories, trends, and brand mentions that can help your PR and comms teams stay alert as well as direct your marketing efforts.

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Social Listening
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