Adverse media screening

How we help

Facilitate your KYC and AML programs with false positives remediation risk level assessment

Facilitate your KYC and AML efforts and deal with false-positive flags that come up when dealing with automated software. We can help you screen thousands of names and conduct checks across different platforms. To ensure everything runs smoothly, humans deal with alert remediation and false positives identification.

About the data

From the end client to screening and a complete report

We follow a time-proven framework to deliver quick and accurate adverse screening reports. As soon as we have information from the end client we run automated checks against numerous databases. 

Identifiers such as names, addresses, and dates of birth are used as secondary screening. At this stage, certain entities or individuals are ‘flagged’. 

A second check distinguishes false positives from actual risks and a team of experts goes through the check manually. This helps with retaining quality. The complete report is sent to the end customer and it’s up to them to decide whether or not to turn to due diligence.

How we help

Data professionals helping you with adverse media screening

We employ real people with vast experience in adverse screening to help you focus on things that present a risk to your organization. Each report we send is free of false-positive flags generated by automated software, leaving you only with things worth focusing on.

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