Criminals and AME databases of known offenders

How we help

Go beyond client screening

Our crawlers monitor both news and social media in real-time to identify breaking stories and ensuing adverse effects before they become a corporate crisis.

Adverse media screening

We collect information from over 100,000 sources globally monitoring even regular clients for reputational issues on an ongoing basis.

  • Monitor individuals or entities
  • Monitor of negative mentioned or illicit behaviour
  • Screening queries & feeds
  • Issue alerts

Transaction monitoring

Identify irregularities in transactions and improve the level of confidence in these systems by creating specific taxonomies for customers, their records and transactions.

  • Identify irregularities in transactions
  • Taxonomies (classifiers) for customers, records & transactions
  • Building patterns per sector to ease the identification of irregularities 

Why choose us

Licensed database and regular updates

Failure to identify people or companies with an adverse media profile inadvertently exposes banks, financial and your business to reputational risks and potential allegations of misconduct.

Regular monitoring ensures that subjects of interest are constantly monitored and news comes to the R&C office and investigators as soon as they appear online. Trust us in providing the best protection to your business.

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criminals and AME databases
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