Due Diligence Reports

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Choose from an ever-growing list of 25+ reports

Stay compliant with all relevant regulations no matter where in the world you are and dig deeper by exploring the referral documents within each report. 

About the data

Conduct due diligence investigation of companies and individuals, based on research in official and media sources

Sanction lists covered: 

  • OFAC
  • European Council Lists
  • United Nations Lists
  • Other International organizations

How we help

A team of 120 professionals helping you stay ahead of potential regulatory problems

Identify potentially negative information in courts and regulators’ archives and media publications directly or indirectly related to bribery, money laundering, embezzlement, criminal activities, terrorism, human rights violations, and more. Examine past business, investment activities, sources of funds & personal wealth combined with screening against OFAC/sanctions lists all throughout the world in native languages.

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