PEPs, SOEs & Databases

How we help

Reduce the risk of being affected by partners and customers

Know if you are in business with sanctioned companies, individuals or end clients and if they have state affiliations or links to public and political figures.

Get tailored and constantly updated information from a large dataset of high-risk organisations and individuals.

About the data

Data derived straight from the sources

We keep a regional database of corporate profiles, publicly exposed persons (PEPs), and state-owned or municipal enterprises (SOEs), which includes millions of entities with:

  • Shareholder data
  • Company history
  • Key managers
  • Structured financial data

This is used both as a sales/pipeline-forming tool and as a tool for risk and compliance reference checking and audit reviews.

How we help

Licensed database and regular updates

Our database can be licensed with compliance issues across wide risk areas and embedded into your own onboarding systems. We also can conduct regular checks of your entire client base to exclude false positives or add details to confirmed hits.

Data is a key component of our customers’ risk management strategies and we make constant updates in response to changing regulatory environments.

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PEPs, SOEs and Databases
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