Sanctions Lists

Global and comprehensive list screening from authorities across the globe.

How we help

Easily identify sanctioned entities, both local and international

A dedicated team of software engineers process information from authorities across the globe to deliver a comprehensive, dynamically updated and easy-to-integrate database of sanctioned individuals and organizations.

  • 24/7 Monitoring system that automatically scrapes each of your sources hourly, daily or twice a day.
  • Automated identification and recognition of new or deleted sanctioned entities.
  • Get alerts when changes of information to previously enlisted entities happen.
  • Frequent updates from globally available sanctions lists in a unified format.

How we help

2.5 Million records monitored

Domestic authorities

  • Securities & Exchange Commissions
  • Financial supervision authorities
  • Food & drug agencies
  • Competition authorities
  • Central banks
  • Tax agencies
  • Wanted lists

International authorities

  • EU Sanctions
  • HM Treasury Sanctions
  • OFAC Sanctions
  • UN Sanctions
  • Interpol Wanted Persons
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